Word Power Made Easy- Honest Review by Digital John

Word Power Made Easy- Honest Review by Digital John

Word Power Made Easy Review
Word Power Made Easy Review

Word power made easy- Honest Review by Digital John

Learning a new language not only increases your horizon of knowledge but also attaches you to certain masterpieces in the process. Be it books or personalities that you choose to learn from, they always end up teaching you and guiding you beyond just words and skills.

The values they add to one’s life make them objects of praise and recommendation. One such book that has added pearls to the empty string in peoples’ life is “Word power made easy”, written by the master himself, Norman Lewis. He has built a comprehensive vocabulary-building system that involves step-by-step methods to improve and increase mastery in the English language.

This power book has a unique approach while teaching and making you understand volumes of skills. To start with let us understand the framework, blueprint, and architecture of its teachings and contents.

Word Power Made Easy – What does it have to offer?

To learn pronunciation through audio systems is one thing, but to learn and acquire pronunciation through a book is another thing all together. This book does exactly that for you. You can expect to gain a good grasp at choosing the right words at the right time, thus avoiding your chances of ending up in an illiterate expression.

Grammar has a stronghold in this book, by this I mean to say that this book not only corrects your grammar or helps you point out don’ts of grammar but also teaches you and equips you enough to let you speak fluently with grammatically correct sentences at a decent speed, saving you from all the unnecessary embarrassment. But you should very well know that making mistakes while learning is not to be considered as an embarrassment but as a lesson and a stepping stone, do not get low or be bothered by people who do not understand this or support you enough for you to learn from your mistakes.

Word Power Made Easy Review
Word Power Made Easy Review

Word Power Made Easy:

Vocabulary which is known to serve as a useful indicator while acquiring knowledge and establishing communication is the key take away here. With this book, you can get yourself a guaranteed superior vocabulary. Conversations with good vocabulary have more impact and are efficient in many ways, from forming an impression to closing the best deals, you can make use of them everywhere.

One thing you need to keep in mind while using superior vocabulary is relevance and limited or no use of jargon. Jargons are special words that are professionally used but are considered difficult to be understood by others.

It is known that while learning a second language, acquiring a good and extensive vocabulary is a challenge, only a few of us are easily able to carry it along smoothly. But here, with this book, Norman has mysteriously been able to simplify this complex game by giving the best content to you in the form of a book.

Word Power Made Easy- Why do readers get hooked on this book?

Considering the number of pages this book carries with itself, 700 pages to be apt, you must be thinking that it is too much for just vocabulary.  But well, people who have already read this book and especially readers who are not usually used to huge page numbers have shared their experience regarding the volume.

One even has to say that it was their first time reading a book with such volume, not forcefully but out of pure passion and enthusiasm. The book presents itself with such a great anchor that the reader has no choice but to remain hooked to each page. The end of a page awaits the beginning of another new page.

This sounded quite overwhelming to listen to, but after my read, it became clear to me why this is such an addictive learning tool. The way this author has made the entire learning process fun and centered it with an active form of learning is what hooks everyone to the lessons. Additionally, he has also made it seem easy by adding a touch of self-learning aspects wherever possible, be it

  • End of chapter review.
  • Progressive checks.
  • Numerous tests help you retain the knowledge gained and measure it.

The magic touch: Word Power Made Easy

What makes this book the most lovable and a best seller is its magical touch. What is this mystery magical touch?

Norman Lewis, who is trying to teach vocabulary here has revealed a lot more about himself than just his language skills. To me, the magical touch lies in his ability to effectively teach something in a way that remains eternal, like something engraved on stone. In simple words, he teaches in such a way that it is hard for you to forget the teachings as they will remain as fresh as a blooming flower with this magical touch.

Once you read this book, you will notice that behind every word you learn, the author has tried and succeeded at rightly attaching meaning or history to the word being learned. This way you tend to remember it with a lasting impression. He talks about how the word came into existence and also about its origin. The words that add into your vocabulary through this book comes with a story basically, so even if you have a feeble memory you can rely on the idea or story behind the word and never forget it.

What adds more to this magical touch is his sense of humor which makes for a perfect formula meant for learning new words.

‘Idea behind the word’, and not just the word. It is safe to say that the ‘V’ in the vocabulary of Mr. Norman’s book stands for Value.?( Word Power Made Easy)

 This wonderful book is not alone our recommendation but also a best-seller on many shelves. If you are curious but still contemplating its worth, then rush to the reviews section on e-commerce platforms or any genuine review page. You will not be disappointed. Please find the book on Amazon to buy it ASAP. This book is available in all the stationary shops and book stores.

If you end up enjoying a good read, do let us know your favorite lesson or learning in the comment section below. Always here to add value, we bring the best to you at Digital John.

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