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Digital Badi is one of the upcoming DevOps training institutes in Hyderabad, We offer comprehensive and in-depth training in DevOps with highly experienced instructors. Here You will learn DevOps with live classes and learn how to apply the automations like continuous integration and continuous deployment in real-life.

DevOps is nothing but combination of Development and Operations. Development will have 4 stages they are

And Operations will have 4 stages

DevOps will use simple, automated, free source tools in between each stage both in development and operate stage. Before DevOps was integrated, companies used huge man power for their continuity. As a result they ended up in more financial crisis, delay in rendering the services to end users etc. So by DevOps we reduced the usage of manpower, instead we use tools to reduce time management and increased profits to the company and high success rate. That is the reason so many leading MNC’s are preferring people who have knowledge in DevOps. And finally man can do errors, abd it takes a lot of time to resolve the error, while automated tools has less chances of causing error, by this we can save more time, cost and effort.

What will you learn in this course?

What are the tools involved/covered in DevOps ?

What are the various components in DevOps ?

What are the benefits of adopting DevOps ?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Devops is nothing but the intersection of Development and Operations. Development and Operations are two terms which we commonly hear in Software/Application development.

Obviously No. Because we are not dealing with Source Code Management (SCM), which includes software developers. So software developers will push their source codes to DevOps engineers. And we as DevOps engineers will pull the source codes from them and automate them using tools like Git, Chef, Maven etc,..

Partly yes. But we don’t require in- depth technical knowledge. Simple technical knowledge like operating windows, Mac, Android, Ios devices is more than sufficient to learn DevOps.

Classes will be held weekdays i.e.Monday to Friday and weekends i.e., Saturday and Sunday, for their own practice. So excluding weekends and public holidays it takes 60 – 75 days to complete the course.

Courses will be offered both offline and online. But keeping this pandemic situation in mind we are currently operating only online.

As the instructors are taking live sessions, class recording videos and pdf documents will be shared through online platforms like google drive, logmein etc. And the videos and pdf files you have to download to your local machine and keep them as your reference for your future references.

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