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By | October 30, 2018

3 years back, one of the leading digital marketing institutes in Hyderabad called me. They were offering digital marketing course through classroom and online mode, I was a graduate at that time. On visiting their institute and meeting the admission counselor he started explaining about the digital marketing course and future of digital marketing in India.

As I was listening to admission counselor’s  pitch about the course and the institute, I found it to be good. However, After completing his pitch, I asked one important question. “Without knowing what is marketing, how can I learn your digital marketing?”  and he didn’t have an answer for it, and eventually he could not convince me logically for the same question, and he was unable to answer my follow-up questions for his explanations as well.

I know that marketing means not just sales and advertising. I also worked for small ad projects, so that I came to about “Mudra Institute of Communications”, Ahmedabad (MICA). It is one of the top B-schools in India for marketing specialization. I decided to learn digital marketing after learning marketing from good B-school.

I learned digital marketing while I was doing my MBA in Vanguard B-School, Bangalore. Luckily we got marketing professor who is an alumnus of MICA. He is Mr. Ajay Nayar, my favorite professor in the college.

1. First Learn Marketing?

I have mentioned that you need to know marketing first to learn digital marketing. How I learned marketing was by my professor. Our professor taught us marketing through lectures, class activities, marketing projects, case studies, etc., It helped me to understand the importance of knowing what marketing really is.

When my professor used to teach marketing with Indian examples, I used to connect those marketing concepts with few companies marketing strategies in Telugu states. For instance, when I learned about penetration pricing in product launch pricing strategy, I remembered that the same strategy was used by Sakshi newspaper and acquired many subscribers (customers) (Sakshi is a regional newspaper in Telugu states).

Just listening to lectures won’t help you to learn marketing, connect with your experiences and understand the concepts. Do not ignore marketing before learning digital marketing, otherwise, you cannot sustain in digital marketing.

Don’t forget this, you can’t do genuine digital marketing without knowing what marketing is.

2. Learn Technology

Digital marketing is an add-on or extension to traditional marketing. E-commerce is also an extension to modern trade. Learning technology means you need to have strong foundational knowledge of software and hardware technologies. Yes, if you ask this question to any digital marketing institute, they will tell you that you don’t need any technical skills.

However you should at least know what is windows, android, storage drives, excel, content management system, how search engines work, what is an algorithm, data, etc., you need to understand the technology beyond your desktop/laptop and mobile.

You cannot sustain in digital marketing without understanding technologies. Digital marketing is marketing through technology. I understood technology. Do you?

3. Communication skills

You need to know English not just to do digital marketing, digital marketing is a dynamic field. New technologies come every day. If you want to update your skills in the industry, you have to read few blogs in English. AMP stories will be coming as a new technology in digital marketing. As a digital marketer, you will be working on content marketing, e-mail marketing, search ads, without having written English skills, how can you write effective emails? which can impact your subscribers buying behavior to purchase your product. don’t tell that I will outsource those works to copywriter. Never do that, you write your ad copy.

Do you know why Rajamouli became a movie director? He was a story writer and editor. When directors were not able to bring his scripts onto the screen with his visual expectations, he took a megaphone and started taking care of his entire film works.

What if your copywriter won’t write good ad copy, your entire ad budget goes into a toss. So, I request you to learn whatever skills you need as a digital marketer.

4. Self Learning

If you want to learn everything from digital marketing institute, it’s impossible. You have to learn by your own. You have to update yourself by watching videos, reading blogs and following the industry leaders on Twitter.

test yourself, if you cannot learn by our own or you need someone’s help in understanding each concept every time. It will be difficult. Strong IT skills can help immensely in updating and understanding the new technologies.

5. Basic Aptitude Skills

Do you think marketers don’t need aptitude skills. Start learning basic aptitude skills. to calculate metrics and conversions, you need to have basic aptitude skills and Microsoft excel skills to analyse your campaigns, budgets and data.

6. DIY

Don’t blame on digital marketing trainers and institutes that they didn’t teach the concept of course properly. Their job is to introduce you the concept, as a digital marketing aspirant, you have to go deep into those concepts and learn.

7. Creative Skills

We all used Microsoft paint in the beginning to draw mountains, trees, etc., If you have good designing skills, it will be advantage for you. It helps you in designing infographics for blogs, banner ads for search engine marketing, Facebook ads, etc., If you don’t get time to design all these stuff, these skills helps you in outsourcing your creative works to creative agencies with specific requirements like color, font, size, etc.,

Video content has good engagement, good to have basic video editing skills as well. I am very lucky to have professional graphic designing and video editing skills. I take care of all my blog’s creative works. Video editing skills helps you in optimising your YouTube channel and drive traffic to your blog from your company’s or your own YouTube channel. I started my YouTube channel and vlogging constantly. Learning how to optimize YouTube video content, designing stunning YouTube thumbnails to optimize the click-through rates (CTR). CTR for my YouTube videos are 3%.

Pro tip: video content is very less on the Internet. Go and create video content for your business.

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