FaceBook Community Leadership Circles Hyderabad

By | February 26, 2019
FaceBook Community Leadership Circles (CLC) – Hyderabad
This is the first event officially organized by Facebook on 24th February 2019 in Hyderabad. Participants were invited by the local admin and the organizers of this CLC.
This initiative was taken for admin-driven community facilitated by Facebook that brings local community leaders together in person to connect and learn from one another.
The first event was an official gathering to network and meet the group members offline, the event was conducted at Jonathan’s Kitchen Gachibowli, the event started off by the members introducing their groups and the vision and experience they have with their respective groups, we also had two amazing speakers Vijay Marur Sir who spoke on the topic “Community Building – An Admin Responsibility” and Dr.Mani Pavitra on Importance Of “Energy Management in Day-to-Day life”
The Admins of Digital marketers in Hyderabad (Telangana and AP) had an opportunity to share and introduce the group to the fellow admins as “It is a dedicated group for all “Digital marketing” enthusiasts, professionals and freshers in Hyderabad, and regions of Telangana and AP, which encourages the members to step forward to learn, contribute and grow in the amazing digital marketing industry, the group aims to provide regular updates from digital marketing industry, resources, tips&tricks, guidance, opportunities, and also Digital Marketing training specifically in Telugu as the admins have noted the skill gap and communication gap that was prevailing in the rural and suburban areas which were a hurdle passionate candidates to reach their goals.
The event did end with any amazing networking session over an amazing lunch.

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