Handwriting Improvement Course

The benefits that handwriting offers today’s Students/ Professionals are countless. With practice, handwriting provides more confidence, better efficiency in studies and at you work, improved recall, and memory. Callistyle Handwriting improvement workshop helps you to improve your handwriting and with Good Handwriting skills you can achieve following benefits

Agenda for the workshop

Day 1

You will be learning on how best you can hold your pen/pencil and how to position your hand on the book in order to get the best handwriting. Also you will be learning the basic strokes before starting to write letters. Then, you will be taught cursive/ printed alphabets.

Day 2 to Day 7

You will be continuously learning about how best you can write the alphabets and join them and form those alphabets into words, sentences and paragraph neatly all the three days.

Day 8 to Day 10

You will be learning about the speed improvement that is how to write fast by maintaining the same neat handwriting that is taught to you. You will also be given insights on how best and neat you can write on an unruled notebook.

Good handwriting is very important not just for students but also for adults. When anyone looks at a handwritten note, he is either mesmerized with the flawless cursive writing or is annoyed, trying to read through the scribbled letters. Anyone could relate to this situation. Right?

Now, don’t worry if you have an inferior Handwriting. We are there to help you out. Yes, you heard it right!! Just relax, sit back and read this till the end.

I have a great news to tell you all, Callistyle welcome’s you to the only amazing “Handwriting Improvement Workshop” that is going to be conducted online on Zoom meeting app for just 10 days, where you get to learn about different types of handwriting and how best you can improve your handwriting. I am Meghana who love’s teaching Handwriting and Calligraphy to all the age groups irrespective of their occupation. I strongly believe it’s never too late to learn something new or to become a better person by adding new skills to your personality. I have taught Handwriting and Calligraphy to more than 400 plus students till date and have an experience of 5 years in teaching Handwriting and Calligraphy both on online and offline platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each class for 1 hour,it will be conducted on alternative basis

Anybody who’s interested in improving their handwriting and who wants to get more focused in life can join the classes. Yes, you can surely feel relaxed when you start feeling good about your own handwriting and it’s therapeutic. Minimum age limit to join the workshop is 8 years and maximum age is no limit.

The Callistyle “Handwriting improvement workshop” will be conducted for 10 days. There are 2 batches that is going to be conducted, and you can select one batch which suits your comfortable timing and in which you can best fit in.

And it would be conducted on Zoom meeting app where we can have one to one live interaction classes and all your doubts would be cleared on the spot. We can have lots of fun and learn in the class for sure. You will be sent a Zoom link 15 minutes prior to the class on your registered WhatsApp number.


Trainer will be available on WhatsApp to clear your doubts and to provide student support

You just need a 2 line/ 4 line notebook and a pen or a pencil with you. And yes, I need good participation and energy from you. That’s it…. your good to go!!

Improve Your Handwriting

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