Functional English Course

Functional English course & Business communication preparation is made easier than you might have been led to believe because our Certified Expert Trainers will tell you exactly what you need to improve to excel in English Language skills. It is a comprehensive course that was never before exclusively on Digital Badi.

Starts from May 29th, Saturday & Sunday – 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

What will you learn in this course?

Level 1- Basics of English Language (10 credit hours )

  1. Conventions of Standard Written English -Refresher
  2. Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences
  3. Verb Tenses – Canons
  4. Speaking – Rudiments
  5. Speaking: Self Introduction
  6. Reading – Rudiments

Level- 2 Business English (10 credit hours)

  1. Writing -Simple, compound, complex and compound-complex sentence structures.
  2. Conditionals and Subjunctive cases.
  3. Modifiers, Pronouns, Subject-verb agreement; Grammatical Fallacies.
  4. Speaking: Extempore sessions, Group Discussion.
  5. Reading: Untangling the thesis statement.

Level 3- Functional and Business English (10 credit hours)

  1. Critical Thinking & Critical Reading
  2. Logical Fallacies
  3. Writing: How to write an effective essay, blogs, articles, etc?
  4. Rhetorical devises
  5. How to give effective presentations, seminars, etc?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take up this course?

Students, Working Professionals and Entrepreneurs those who need to improve their spoken and written English skills. Bloggers, content writers and marketers also can take this course.

Can I improve my English fluency?

Yes, it is possible to see the improvement with regular practice.

Is this course online or offline?

Due to this pandemic, we are offering exclusive online sessions.

So, It is an Online Course.

Will I get course completion certificate?

Every student who completes this course successfully will receive the course completion certificate. Please contact us after the course.

Lesson 1 from Functional English Course

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Review Video

Learn Essentials of Functional English and Business Communication