Video Marketing Workshop for Beginners

You know the importance of video marketing but don’t know how to start, then this course is for you

  1. Video content creates trust
  2. 50% of the consumers want to see videos from brands
  3. correct optimized videos improve your SEO
  4. video reduces bounce rate

A 5 day video marketing workshop for beginners

Here we will help you to create video content for your business. 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a low quality video. That is why we are teaching the essentials of video marketing course for you in just 3 days to create videos for your business, social media, etc., in this workshop

What you will learn in this Workshop?

Day 1

1. Importance of Videos in Marketing
2. How to do video content plan?
3. How to write Script?
4. Basic Camera Framings
5. How to get over your fear of creating videos
6. Creating your first video

Day 1

1. Production hardware for beginners
2. Video editing in PC and mobile (post production)
3. Best Practices to Shoot videos from Mobile Camera
4. Basics of Lighting
5. Editing your first video

Day 2

1. Video editing lessons
2. Using interface to record audio externally
3. Using mobile to record audio externally
4. Basic audio editing
5. How to use Green Screen?

Day 2

1. Professional Live Streaming on YouTube
2. Adding right background music to video
3. Video editing for social media
4. Storytelling through videos
5. Screen recording in PC and Mobile

Day 3

1. Starting YouTube channel to promote our videos
2. YouTube best practices
3. Video editing session
4. Measuring the effectiveness of video marketing
5. Analytics for video marketing

Day 3

Doubt clearing Session

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of class?

1 hour Everyday For 3 Days, between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM

Who can take up this course?

if you want to become video creator, YouTuber or creating videos for your business and leverage the power of video marketing

Workshop Starts In

Learn On Demand Video Marketing Skill

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