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Is Video Editing a Good Career in India



Is Video Editing a Good Career in India

Is Video Editing a Good Career in India?

Video content has exploded in popularity in recent years. Brands, media companies, YouTubers – everyone seems to be producing videos. And behind every great video is an equally talented video editor.

So if you’re considering a career in video editing, you’re probably wondering – is video editing actually a smart career path in India today? Can you make a good living as a video editor?

In this blog post, I’ll give you an insider’s look at what a career in video editing really looks like. Let’s explore the day-to-day job, salary potential, skills needed, and future outlook to help you decide if video editing is the right career for you in India!

What Does a Video Editor Actually Do?

Before we dive into career potential, let’s quickly run through what a video editor’s job actually looks like on a daily basis:

– You’ll receive raw video footage from videographers, producers, directors etc.

– Using editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, you’ll assemble the footage, cutting and splicing together clips, adding transitions, text, graphics, color correction and other enhancements.

– For YouTube or social media videos, you may also add intro/outro slides, end cards, subtitles etc.

– You’ll collaborate with clients, producers, videographers etc. to understand the creative vision and ensure you deliver an edit that aligns with it.

– You’ll export and deliver the final edited video in the desired file format needed.

It’s a creative role that combines technical skills with an artistic eye. Now, let’s look at the career potential of video editing.

Salary Potential for Video Editors in India

Can you earn a good living as a video editor in India? Let’s look at the earning potential:

– Starting salaries for junior video editors at media firms, production houses etc. typically range from 15,000 Rs to 30,000 Rs per month.

– With 3-5 years of experience, editors can expect monthly salaries of  30,000 Rs to  60,000 Rs on average.

– Senior video editors with 5+ years experience at larger production houses or studios can make 1-1.5 lakh Rs per month.

– As a freelance video editor, you can charge 3,000-10,000 Rs per finished minute of edited video, based on factors like experience and portfolio.

So while starting salaries are modest, an experienced video editor can certainly make a comfortable living, especially working freelance. Many editors earn well into the 6 figures.

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Skills Needed to Thrive as a Video Editor

To succeed and advance your video editing career, these are some of the key skills you should possess:

Technical skills:

Expertise with editing software like Premiere Pro is a must. Familiarity with After Effects, Photoshop etc. is also helpful.


Video editing requires an artistic eye and creative instincts.


You’ll collaborate with clients, directors, videographers etc. so communication skills are vital.

Time management:

You need to balance multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously.

Attention to detail:

Mistakes or inconsistencies in edits will stick out, so meticulousness is a must.

Passion for video:

Genuine interest in the craft of video creation and storytelling through the medium.

If you possess these skills, you’ll have a major advantage in launching and growing your video editing career or starting a business related to video editing or video production.

Future Outlook for Video Editing Jobs in India

What does the future look like for video editing jobs in India? The outlook is very bright.

– Demand for video content is exploding thanks to streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There’s also surging demand for YouTube, social media videos, OTT platform content and more.

– Indian content creators are finally getting their due, further increasing the need for talented Indian video editors.

– Video is expected to dominate online content consumption and marketing in the coming years.

– Advances in affordable mobile technology will further unlock video creation for smaller creators across India. 5G already launched and 6G is on the way.

All signs point to demand for skilled video editors only increasing in the years ahead as video becomes more central to both entertainment and marketing.

How to Start Your Video Editing Career

If this career path appeals to you, here are some tips for launching your video editing career:

– Build a portfolio through pro bono/volunteer editing work, passion projects or student films while in college.

– Get certified in Premiere Pro and other editing software. Many institutes offer courses. We too offer professional video editing course through online and offline in Hyderabad.

– Start applying for junior editing roles at production houses, studios and other video creators.

– Consider a specialised editing degree to develop technical skills. Many colleges now offer such programs.

– Reach out to YouTubers and influencers who may need editing help as a way to gain experience and build credibility.

With passion and persistence, you can get your foot in the door. The future looks bright for video editors as demand for engaging video content keeps growing.


While it takes dedication and skill, video editing absolutely can be a fulfilling and financially-rewarding career path in India’s booming digital landscape. Not only do experienced video editors earn respectable salaries, but it’s also a fun, creative profession with tons of potential for growth.

If you have a passion for video storytelling and are willing to put in the work to hone your technical skills, there will be no shortage of opportunities as demand for video skyrockets. Call us if you need guidance or course on video editing at 7702059834 (Digital John, Founder and Trainer at Digital Badi)

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Video Editing

Video Editing for Social Media



Video Editing for Social Media

Video Editing for Social Media:

Video has recently become a popular form of social media activity. Even traditionally text-based social platforms, such as Twitter, have adapted to include video tweets and posts. Every day, individuals of all ages use YouTube extensively. And TikTok has quickly risen to be the seventh greatest followed media network and the sixth most popular app in the world in terms of monthly active users.

1. Within the first few seconds, entice

Companies are having difficulty capturing viewers’ attention because audiences have full control about what they watch. The quicker you can converse and fascinate an audience’s eye in the first few seconds, the more likely your video will catch their attention and keep them watching rather than scrolling past it seeking something more fascinating or engaging.

2. Make certain that the length is correct

Short, concise videos are popular! With low attention durations these days, it is indeed best to keep your video under a minute long. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter limit video length to one minute or less, whereas YouTube allows up to ten minutes of footage. You must optimize the duration of the video depending on the social media platform to which you are uploading it.

3. Interesting story

Storytelling is an important component of any video, and it assists in making videos extra interesting and engaging. Including stories in your content can help you capture the attention of those trying to watch it, whether for marketing purposes or simply as a storyteller describing their life experiences on film.

4. Create a tone

Your video should include something that grabs your audience’s immediate attention. That way, they’ll stay interested until the end, and you’ll be able to depart them with just an influential message to remember. Choosing the right mood and tone in a concept video is critical.

5. Interesting and entertaining

We don’t mean that you need to crack jokes throughout your video just because you’re funny and entertaining. When it comes to social media marketing videos, there are numerous methods for making your video interesting and engaging. Going to play with the design features and transitions provided by video editing software is such a method for keeping social media users interested.

6. Call to action that works

The best way to make sure that one’s public sees what you’d like them to do next is to end your video with a single call to action. Whether it’s watching another one of our videos, purchasing one among our products, or going to sign up for just an upcoming event, let them know! Expressing the core message of the video and also including an effective CTA at the end will yield the best results for your brand.

7. Adjust the brightness and add light effects

In the video course of the project, changing the video as well as going to add some light effects can collaborate great for your company. To influence the viewer’s mod, adjust the brightness and use a colour correction device to get the correct amount of lighting. There are numerous ways to accomplish this. For example, if the scene is cheerful, soft lighting can be used, whereas harsh lighting may be more effective when attempting to convey anger.

We provide the best video editing course in Hyderabad. We are also providing online video editing course. Join us and learn.

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Video Editing

Video Editing Corporate Training



Corporate Training Program in Adobe Creative Cloud Suit

How a Corporate Training Program in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Can Benefit Your Team

Best video editing corporate training program

How a Corporate Training Program in Adobe Creative Cloud Suit Can Benefit Your Team Providing new learning opportunities to staff is an efficient way to improve their technical skills and grow your business. Focusing on the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite can provide your employees with the information and abilities they need to implement their creative thinking in aspects that contribute to the success of your company as well as their career development.

Get a Glance of What is Adobe Creative

The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite is a powerful accumulation of industry-leading applications which allow users to generate professional and efficient graphics for marketing materials, newsletters, blogs, and websites. According to a recent LinkedIn study, creativity is the most in-demand soft skill across various industries.

Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Student License - Valid Through 8/14/2023 (Please Read Description)

Employees who are trained to use Adobe’s wide range of applications can gain valuable skills that will significantly improve your team’s productivity and creative output.

Illustrator and InDesign to create effective graphics and page layouts

The Creative Cloud from Adobe provides access to industry-leading applications like Illustrator and InDesign, which are designed to maximize creativity and efficiency.   Experts new to graphic design can learn how to create images, logos, advertisements, as well as other graphic documents with our Illustrator level 1 training. Individuals who have more technical expertise can benefit from our Illustrator level 2 course, where they will learn how to deal with complex graphics, special effects, composite and commercial printing, and more.

For Instance:

Our corporate training courses teach staff working on page layouts how to produce high-quality professional work. You can count on your employees to handle page elements correctly and to improve documents with formats, colours, and styles. Our InDesign course also teaches students how to organize dynamic documents and export files to certain other formats.

Improving team efficiency following a corporate training program

Following their training, your employees will be able to implement more efficient workflows that incorporate popular business tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack. Making sure your team understands how to use Adobe’s application areas, including Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, would then start preparing them to take on new projects with speed and agility and expertise.

Mastering digital imaging and more with photoshop Corporate Training

How a Corporate Training Program in Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Can Benefit Your Team | SBC | Saskatoon Business College

You can provide your team with the skills needed to prepare photos for web and print publishing. They can begin by learning the fundamentals of digital imaging, such as how to edit and repair images, as well as how to handle colours and modify layers. This training can be supplemented with our intermediate and advanced Photoshop course.

Does Adobe benefit your employees?

Adobe’s decision to abandon packaged software in favour of a subscription-based model sparked some debate, to say the least. Designers everywhere jumped to the conclusion that greed was Adobe’s motivational force, and many still believe this. Others believe that Adobe’s move was necessary and unavoidable in order to remain relevant. Whatever the reason, Creative Cloud is here to remain, and it actually includes some super awesome benefits that the Creative Suite did not.

Adobe also recently obtained Typekit, an online font source. This is fantastic news for designers who use Creative Cloud. While Typekit works in the same way as Google web fonts, the fonts available on Typekit are largely viewed as being of higher quality. And, now that Typekit allows you to download fonts to one’s computer, you could indeed produce realistic comps to show clients before you begin development.


Whatever your feelings are toward Creative Cloud, I believe it is finally for the best. It allows us to stay current as creative professionals, means allowing for easy collaboration and peer evaluation, and will most likely result in more serious challengers in the design software space, ultimately keeping costs low. Technology is an ever-changing aim, and Creative Cloud was simply the next logical step.

Employees with only a basic understanding of Photoshop can take our second session to automate repetitive tasks and integrate their job with other Adobe applications. They can also learn to create visually stunning effects, touch up images, and collaborate with video files. You can ensure that your staff develops the necessary abilities to efficiently provide methods provided and engage your target audience by utilizing this strong company training programme.

Reach us if you are looking for corporate training on Professional Video Editing and Professional Graphic Designing.

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Video Editing

How to Become a Short Form Video Editor in Short duration



How to Became a short form video editor

How to become a short form video editor

Video editors are essential in the creation of videos. This work allows you to be creative while also learning technical skills. There are several routes to becoming a video editor, each having its own set of advantages. This guide discusses what a video does as well as the various paths you can take to become a video editor.

The Top 10 Video Tools for Creating Short Videos That Fans Will Love

After all, of course, the very first step toward winning at short-form video is becoming acquainted with the tools built into the social media apps you intend to use. If you really want to step it up, you should look beyond the social media apps and consider some content creator tools that could assist you elevate.  improve your short-form video strategy and convert followers into customers. There are some social media video editing platform for your skills to be developed.


If there’s one rule, we should all follow when going to post short-form content, it’s to upload in the intended vertical orientation. Horizontal videos could indeed easily ruin the viewer’s experience, causing them to skip the content you’ve spent so much effort to create.

Always shoot vertically to avoid interfering with potential of one’s short-form content.


There’s an app for that if you don’t know where to begin with a short-form video. Zoomerang is packed to step-by-step tutorial videos that assist you in creating on-trend short form videos, in addition to providing you access to components including such transitions as well as effects that you might not find on TikTok or elsewhere. It’s extremely user-friendly, so even if you’re not a pro editor, you’ll get the hang of it quickly.


Content creators from all genres can agree that tapping into what’s trending on Instagram Reels, TikTok, and Youtube Shorts can help you reach a larger audience. Given that most short-form video trends originate on TikTok, identifying what’s getting popular there too and helping to bring it across other social media channels is a good strategy.

Do Short videos are an excellent method for reaching an online audience?

Short and long-form video content - Think with Google

Marketing companies, entrepreneurs, and entertainers all start creating short-form videos to keep the attention of their audiences. Ten- or fifteen-second video content on Instagram or TikTok that provide fast life tips as well as funny music film clips can be utilized to entertain as well as promote your business. Longer IGTV or YouTube videos can be utilized for items like in-depth tutorials or workouts.

Create unique material for each platform.

You will need to adapt your content for various platforms. The viewing public on LinkedIn is not the same as the audience on TikTok, for example. Each audience will have different expectations of the video. Remember your caption constraints as well. In contrast to the tiny tagline of a TikTok post, Instagram captions can indeed be incredibly detailed.

Join in our professional video editing course in Hyderabad and become a the best short form video editor. We provide online and offline training for video editing course.

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