Graphic Designing Course in Hyderabad

Learn the best practical graphic designing course in Hyderabad from expert trainers. Master Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign graphic designing tools.

This is a professional graphic designing course for beginners. Learn complete graphic designing with the latest software and graphic trends. Every beginner can understand these live classes and master the graphic designing skill in 2 months. Digital Badi institute provides the best graphic designing course.

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Graphic Designing Course in Hyderabad


Learn how to design creatives for business purposes and use the best graphic designing tools in two months.

Learn complete graphic designing skills with the latest trends and learn how to work in the field of graphic design from Digital Badi.

This course will help you to get a job easily after completion of this course as it covers all aspects like logo, flyer, poster, website images, etc…

This is a professional Graphic Designing Course in Hyderabad for Beginners which aims at teaching students everything they need to know about graphic design, graphic design principles, guidelines, typography & logo design. You can take your career forward with these 2 months’ courses by learning through hands-on practicals sessions & assignments on real-time projects with an experienced trainer who has been working as a full-time professional graphic designer for 5 years now!

We are providing one-to-one live graphic design classes for students in Hyderabad. We too have online batch training on the graphic designing courses.

Career Options in Graphic Designing

  1. The graphic design course provides many career opportunities today. Not just a career, it also provides business opportunities due to the increased demand for good graphic designing services in the Industry.

    Few job opportunities in graphic designing

    1. Logo designer
    2. Brand identity designer
    3. Illustration artist
    4. Social media graphic designer
    5. Graphic designer
    6. Design consultant

40 Hours Content

Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

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Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

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Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

Certification Oriented

Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

20 Hours of Practicals

Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

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Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

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Digital Marketing Course in Hyderabad

Real-time Projects

Training Options


Choose your own comfortable learning experience.

Online Training

Live Instructor-led course


Classroom Training

in Hyderabad




Placement Assistance


Digital Badi provides placement assistance for all our students

Helps in Resume preparation, portfolio preparation, interview guidance

Training - Highlights


Mentorship Programme

Once you know the skills, we recommended you understand the eligible job roles, scope, and opportunities.

Mock Interviews

Explore what the real-time interviews expect from you.

Resume Preparation

We got a resume builder to help you prepare the best resume to win the first impression for recruiters.

Team Learning

We encourage students to do group projects and team assignments to level up the skills


Digital Badi issues course completion certification after the course to add in your resume.


Weekly tests and simulations to evaluate each student learning progress

Benefits of Learning Graphic Designing

  1. Opportunities in Freelancing
  2. Work from home flexibility
  3. Stable Income
  4. Job opportunities are many
  5. Start your own creative agency
  6. It’s a creative field, it will not be boring
  7. Opportunity to work with design studios, marketing agencies, advertising agencies
  8. You can start a publishing house
  9. Opportunities in web design

Industry Statistics

Jobs / Month


Avg. Salary

₹ 20,000

  • Job Opportunities
  • Freelancing Opportunities
  • Business Opportunities
  • Side income chances
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Delivered by the Best Trainers

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Graphic Designing Course Syllabus




Adobe Photoshop

Overview of Units, Updated 2020 Study Guide, ContentAware Proficiency in Photoshop
Intermediate Photoshop – PerspectiveWarp, Adobe Photoshop Advanced – ContentAwareTexture
Intermediate – composite picture, PhotoComposite part 2 (intermediate), Setup for the Hamburger Ad Project, Layout Blocking for the Hamburger Ad Project, TextEffects – Hamburger Ad Project
Photo editing for the Hamburger Ad Project, Exporting the Hamburger Ad Project



Adobe Illustrator

Part 1: Sketching Our Logo Concepts
Part 2 of our logo ideas sketching
Part 3 of Procreate – Coffee Logo
Lesson 1: Getting Started with Logo Design Flux Client Brief
Lesson 2: BrainstormingandSketching for LogoDesignFlux
Lesson 3: LogoDesignFlux Vectorizing
Lesson4: ManuallyAdjustingType in LogoDesignFlux
Lesson 5: Flux Details and Typography in Logo Design
Lesson6: LogoDesignFlux: Final Concept Selection
Lesson7 LogoDesignFlux GridWork
Lesson 8: Designing a Logo in Flux Color
Lesson 9: Adding Details to a Logo Design Flux
Lesson 10: Exporting LogoDesignFlux
Client Presentation Template for Logo Design
NEW! The Golden Hop is a student logo design competition.
Expansion of the Brand
Making Use of Mockups
The Golden Ratio
GoldenRatioLogoDesign Practice
Practice of GoldenRatioLogoDesign
Golden Ratio M – Golden Ratio Setup
Finishing Up with the Golden Ratio M
Setup of IsometricGrids
Getting Started with Isometric Design
Creating A 3DLayers using IsometricDesign
Shadows in Isometric Design
Typography by IsometricDesign
People who work for IsometricDesign
Other Courses I Teach
Infographics intro
Infographics setup
Infographics pie chart
Infographics infographics using icons
Infographics infographics showing scale
Infographics infographic pie chart complex
Infographics infographics pie chart part2
Infographics infographics Line Graph
Infographics infographics line chart part2
Infographics – STUDENT PROJECT
Chocolate Bar getting started
ChocolateBar Patterns
Chocolate FIndingtheRightFont
ChocolateBar SourcingandFindingYourImagesandPhotos
ChocolateBar mockup
Chocolate Bar Mockup2 ShowingOurTheme
Chocolate Export Final



Adobe InDesign

MagazineProject Lesson1 EditorialSpread setup
MagazineProject Lesson2 WorkingWithPhotos
MagazineProject Lesson3 InsideSpreadFinal
MagazineProject Lesson4 TheFrontCover
MagazineProject lesson5 FontCover Articles
MagazineProject Lesson6 ExportingandPrintPrep

Graphic Designing Course Certification

Graphic-Design-Course Certificate by Digital Badi

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, laptop or desktop is compulsory to learn this course.

20 days for Advanced course. 15 days for intermediate course. month. You will have classes from Monday to Friday. Daily 1 hour.

Career opportunities are good in graphic designing now. You can know more about  Career Opportunities in Graphic Designing By reading this blog

Qualification is not required to learn graphic designing. Anyone can learn graphic designing

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Why Digital Badi?

  1. We provide real-world practical instruction in our  sessions.
  2. We created the best beginner material.
  3. Providing exceptional student support during the course.
  4. We provide case studies from various industries.

New batch starts from Jan 20

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